9' x 8' 69' x 8' 6" and 12' x 8' 6", Tundra, Classic raised panels, Orion 6 lite windows
8' x 7', White, Classic raised panels8' x 7', White, Classic raised panels
14' x 7', Terra Brown, Classic raised panels, Standard windows14' x 7', Terra Brown, Classic raised panels, Standard windows
8' x 7', Ivory, Classic raised panels8' x 7', Ivory, Classic raised panels
  • 9' x 8' 6
  • 8' x 7', White, Classic raised panels
  • 14' x 7', Terra Brown, Classic raised panels, Standard windows
  • 8' x 7', Ivory, Classic raised panels
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The H-Tech is one of the most weather-resistant and lightest doors on the market. Moreover, its multiple options of colors make it a very attractive door for special applications that require a non-standard tint. It is great for customers around Bristol, RI who live in proximity to saltwater, or who have ocean-front cottages.



The H-Tech door is lightweight, extremely energy efficient and lends itself to the style of most home. The timeless design of this rustproof aluminum garage door boasts a rustic textured wood grain, and is available in 10 colors.

It is a classic style that is sure to enhance the look of any home for years to come.

1 3/4"-thick aluminum door.
Polyurethane-injected insulation provides R-16 thermal resistance.
Baked on polyester paint coating.

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The H-Tech garage door comes in 10 door colors.

H-Tech garage door colors

The accuracy of colors on the website may vary depending on your screen settings. To see the true colors, please contact your local Garaga dealer for a sample.


Woodgrain finish H-Tech garage door


H-Tech garage door 8' H-Tech garage door 9' to 10' 
H-Tech garage door 11' to 12'
 H-Tech garage door 13' to 14'
8' 9' - 10' 11' - 12' 13' - 14'

H-Tech garage door 15' to 16' H-Tech garage door 17' to 18'
15' - 16' 17' - 18'


H-Tech garage door - Grooved 8' to 18'
8' to 18'


H-Tech garage door - Flush 8' to 18'
8' to 18'



Add a touch of elegance to your garage door by selecting decorative windows that complement your architecture.

Garaga windows are strong and weathertight because their sealed thermo panes are inserted in one-piece synthetic resin frames. Garaga windows come with a 10-year warranty against discoloration and the formation of condensation between panes.

Standard Unit


Garaga Standard Clear Windows 21 x 13
 Garaga Standard Glue Chip Windows 21 x 13
Glue Chip

Color of frames: White, Claystone, Desert Sand, Dark Sand and Brown.





Garaga Orion 3 vertical lite Windows 21 x 13
 Garaga Orion 4 lite Windows 21 x 13
3 vertival lites
4 lites
Garaga Orion 6 lite Windows 21 x 13
6 lites

Color of frames and grids: White, Claystone, Desert Sand, Dark Sand and Brown.

Garaga Orion 4 lite pewter Windows 21 x 13
4 lites

Color of frames: White, Claystone, Desert Sand, Dark Sand and Brown.

Color of came: Pewter



Plastic Inserts


Garaga Cathedral Windows 21 x 13
 Garaga Sherwood Windows 21 x 13
Garaga Stockton Windows 21 x 13
 Garaga Richmond Windows 21 x 13
Garaga Williamsburg Windows 8', 21 x 13
Williamsburg 8'
Garaga Williamsburg Windows 9' - 10', 21 x 13
Williamsburg 9' - 10'
Garaga Williamsburg Windows 11' - 12', 21 x 13
Williamsburg 11' - 12'
Garaga Williamsburg Windows 13' - 14', 21 x 13
Williamsburg 13' - 14'
Garaga Williamsburg Windows 15' - 16', 21 x 13
Williamsburg 15' - 16'
Garaga Williamsburg Windows 17' - 18', 21 x 13
Williamsburg 17' - 18'

Color of frames: White, Claystone, Desert Sand, Dark Sand and Brown.



Printing Process


Garaga Empire Windows 21 x 13
 Garaga Caprice Windows 21 x 13

Color of frames: White, Claystone, Desert Sand, Dark Sand and Brown.





Garaga Nottingham Windows 21 x 13
 Garaga Manchester Windows 21 x 13

Color of frames: White, Claystone, Desert Sand, Dark Sand and Brown.


For a contemporary style, get great new ideas from all the possibilities of window layouts offer for the H-Tech door.

H-Tech Right-side Harmony H-Tech Left-side Harmony
Right-side Harmony Left-side Harmony
Document .PDFWindow Technical Specifications - Right-side Harmony Document .PDFWindow Technical Specifications - Left-side Harmony

H-Tech Central Harmony H-Tech Outer Harmony
Central Harmony Outer Harmony
Document .PDFWindow Technical Specifications - Central Harmony Document .PDFWindow Technical Specifications - Outer Harmony

H-Tech Complete Harmony H-Tech Double-left Harmony H-Tech Double-right Harmony
Complete Harmony Double-left Harmony Double-right Harmony
Document .PDF Window Technical Specifications - Complete Harmony Document .PDFWindow Technical Specifications - Double-left Harmony Document .PDFWindow Technical Specifications - Double-right Harmony

H-Tech Perspective
Document .PDFWindow Technical Specifications - Perspective


3D H-Tech Garaga garage door

Components of a system that is 100% Garaga 100% Garaga


1 0,60 mm aluminum
2 Pressure-Injected polyurethane foam (R-16; thickness 1 3/4")
3 Wood End block (Kiln-dried pine)
4 Flexible Top Weatherstripping (optional)


5 14-gauge galvanized steel tracks, bearing the Garaga seal
6 Reinforced Horizontal Track (on double door only)
7 Welded anchoring plates holding the door firmly to the wall


8 One piece injected windows frame made of polypropylene; windows are thermopane
9 LiftMaster; smooth, quiet & reliable garage door openers


Widths*:8’ to 18’ (in 1” increments)
Heights*:6’ 6” to 8’ (in 1” increments)

*See your garage door dealer for more details on oversized doors available.


Door sections:Limited Lifetime
Windows:10 years
Dura+ Hardware:2 years
Weatherstripping:1 year

Download the Installation GuidePDF Document


Download the Maintenance and Warranty Guide PDF Document



3D H-Tech door

The Garaga difference lies in the meticulous attention to
even the smallest detail. From design to final construction,
every detail is thoroughly thought out. Be it materials, finishes,
construction,style, air tightness, durability, rollers, hinges
and much more, nothing is left to chance. At Garaga, every
door is custom built to suit each client’s individual
needs and specific requirements.


Built to withstand the extreme rigours of the Canadian climate, we’ve integrated the most energy efficient components to protect you from the wind and the cold during winter, and keep you cool during summer.

InterLok joints between sections block air infiltration for superior thermal insulation Wood end blocks and polyurethane insulation act as thermal breaks to prevent the transfer of cold

InterLokTM joints between sections block air infiltration for superior thermal insulation
Wood end blocks and polyurethane insulation act as thermal breaks to prevent the transfer of cold


Intelligent and functional design solutions coupled with superior quality materials and a certified installation network make your Garaga door system a solid investment for years to come.

Reinforced metal plates Ferronnerie Dura Plus

14-gauge reinforced metal plates to securely attach hinges, handles and operator bracket
Dura+TM hardware system forcommercial-quality durability


Developed by a team of specialized designers, every one of our models is detail-oriented, reflecting an authentic and specific style designed to match your home’s distinct architecture, up close and at a distance.

H-Tech window frames H-Tech embossing

Seamlessly molded window frames maintain their attractive appearance
Flawless embossing because of our high quality domestic steel

Garaga uses baked-on paint on all its doors because it is the process that yields the best results on garage doors. It is much better than applied paint because it is not a material that peels over time; baked-on paint has a much better application process compared to sprayed-on paint, and stays on the surface of the door despite harsh weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures, blowing wind and exposure to seawater. Moreover, baked-on paint does not scratch easily, and is less likely to lose its brightness when exposed to the sun.

When selecting a color for your door, you can choose to match it with your front door, window frames, or the exterior color of your home. As long as the door complements the overall look of your house and the color matches the color scheme of the house, many options may look great. If you want to change the color of your existing door, you can have it professionally painted, although, when purchasing a door, it is much better to select one of the manufacturer’s color since the quality of the paint yields much better results. If you are looking for a non-standard color, take a look at Garaga’s aluminum doors. They are offered in 10 different colors, and you surely will find one that suits your project perfectly!

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